Richmond Virginia Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyers

We come across unfortunate mishaps like the below ones in all over Virginia including Richmond, almost every other day, depending on traffic density, time of the day, season, condition of vehicle, condition of driver etc.

  • My vehicle was banged from behind.
  • My SUV somersaulted.
  • My bike skidded.
  • My husband died due to a vehicle dashing his vehicle
  • Dog Bite
  • Dog owner not footing the medical bills
  • Insurance Company not supportive
  • An accident caused by him, but I am at the receiving end.

 There are hundreds of incidents with variety of reasons that keep occurring all the time. Hiring an attorney specializing in the relevant incident does help. Hiring a Richmond Personal Injury attorney is not mandatory though. If you are capable of managing yourself in the court, then it may be ok. That is to say that you are conversant with how courts work and are familiar with Virginia Accident Injury laws and then perhaps you would not need the expertise of an attorney / lawyer. But let us face the fact, how many of us can claim to be familiar of such claim cases in depth, especially when it is not one’s profession. Not many indeed! There are so many factors, and most of them hidden under a labyrinth of facts and figures and past claim cases, that one can be easily flummoxed with what suddenly hit them, without notice.

 The system around us is way too complicated to permit going in all by ourselves. The insurance company that once sounded so friendly, begins suspecting you, it does not want to get to the bottom and consequently settles you off for peanuts. In such tough economic times, it is not recommended to expect fair estimation of your injuries by the adjusters, anyway. They would do all to keep you from doing the things necessary (such as consulting a competent accident / injury attorney) to protect your legal rights while trying to be nice and good with you all along. You would find cases where one’s accident was settled off well and another was not given its due attention. The answer lies in the fact that the former knew the game and most likely than not, hired a relevant Richmond law firm or attorney or a lawyer. It does not hurt to seek free consultation that most Virginia attorneys do provide which must be done before signing any papers.

 It is important for a sufferer to know the factors that she or he did not consider vital but plays a crucial role in resolving his case in his or her favor. So considering the reasons for hiring an attorney, considering hiring of the right lawyer, considering how to approach the insurance adjuster is an important milestone in the claim case. Many people do not know that one should not make any delay in seeking medical attention in case of an accident; the insurance company would not render appropriate attention contesting that it was not serious enough. It is not uncommon that some injuries take time to surface. Some physicians, with an assurance from your attorney, would not mind being paid after you receive your compensation check.

Not seeking immediate medical advice can thus result into a weakened case and expensive deal. Certain policies require you to report the incident to the insurance company without delay; therefore knowing your policy at all times becomes very important. If not adhered to, insurance company has all the right to drop your coverage. But if you consult a Richmond attorney, he may have knowledge of a factor that you don’t care about and which could turn the case into your favor. What here becomes important is the knowledge of injury claims that insurance companies would not like you to be in the know of. Currently in Virginia, texting or emailing while driving is not a primary offense; but in all likelihood this would change sooner than later; therefore one must fight the temptation to text while on the wheel.

 Therefore it is vital to know what all conditions you must insure against when buying a policy. It is even more important knowing the usual excuses that the insurance companies make in order to escape with little or no compensation at all. There have been there have been numerous accidents, deaths, crashes in the state of Virginia; a sizable number having occurred in Richmond.


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