Reasons Of Road Accident In Virginia

Incalculable amount of damages take place in Virginia – in terms of losses in lives, losses in health and losses in money – each year. Studies conducted by various automobile associations indicate that driver misjudgment is the root causes of most of accidents. In order to address the problem there has to be a coordinated and effective plan implemented by the concerned authorities.

Drivers are at times finding unusual quality of roads such as non standard pavement and potholes, which they fail to maneuver diligently and thus causing accidents.

injury 5

Lack of training in dealing with various weather conditions is another reason for high mortality rates in road accidents. We must not forget that we need to learn from mistakes; if the first mistake did not cause serious repercussion, the next one can be fatal, not only to her / his own life but to others’ too, leading to losses in multiple families and burdening the medical facilities, insurance companies, courts etc. Most pile ups occur when one of us did not regard the weather enough.

The other thing that many careful drivers notice is the scant regard to posted and prominent signs informing the safe speed limits in certain zones – heavy pedestrian areas like schools, junctions, curves. Speeding and abrupt changing of lanes makes it difficult to control your vehicle in the event of an unexpected and sudden situation.

During the training we learn to manage the wheel by not taking off our eyes from the road. But we distract this rule by lighting a cigarette, looking for something, arguing with the co passenger, looking at the sights, gaping at another accident, shaving, applying make-up, fiddling with the radio / mp3 / CD,  and many other action like these and ending up having to deal with something that was better as a bad dream. What appears as a simple activity has the potential of causing serious and irreversible damage. We get easily tempted to attend to a call on the cell phone or start texting while on the wheel. This distraction is the single cause of accidents taking over swiftly from all others.

Consumption of few over-the-counter medications tends to cause drowsiness; this too has been the cause of numerous crashes in Virginia. Also driving under the influence of illegal drugs is a lethal prescription for fatal crashes.

Drunk driving posts the highest percentage of cause of deaths. To mitigate the possibilities you can call for services that would get the driver and the car home.

Spillage of hot beverages while held between the thighs has been yet another reason for several crashes.

Failure to maintain the various components of the vehicle at specific intervals cause mechanical failure which is known to be yet another reason to be cautious about.

One should not lose any time in considering initiation of legal action especially if you firmly believe yourself to be the victim and the injuries happen to be serious and costing thousands and millions of dollars as well. This is crucial because one tends to forget the minute details of the incident with the passage of time and poses intricate challenges to your lawyer. The moment one is able to walk and manage her / himself, she / he should begin looking out for a competent personal injury lawyer in Virginia for car accidents . Your lawyer ought to be deft and experienced in getting you the fairest of compensation – be it outside the court or in. She or he should be well read, well trained, able to haggle with the insurance organizations as well as the defendants.

One way to find good lawyers is to consult and make enquiries with friends and family. Free consultations by few lawyers or firm help in your assessment in your pursuit. A couple such interactions will surely put you in a comfortable position. One can research over the internet. Some of the websites also provide you with the lawyer’s service ratings on various parameters on various kinds of cases she / he has handled. Also you might find testimonials and reviews from past clients about their lawyers. Once you have gathered her / his performance data such as the number of your-type cases she has handled, the number she has tried to wiggle out from, number settled outside of courts, number settled inside, you can choose your lawyer and kick start the actual proceedings.


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