Laws Related To Car Accident In Virginia

There is a point to be aware of Virginia car accident laws as being prepared in advance and knowing how to handle a serious auto accident can prevent some of the most common mistakes injured drivers often make.  Statistics on car accidents in the United States further vindicates the logic.  Millions of car accidents occur each year in the U.S and of these more than six million accidents result in serious injuries.  When a car accident is expected in every 14 seconds, it is wise to be aware of the Virginia car accident laws when you are in Virginia and should know what to do when you are in such situation.   Above all, you should have such vital information like telephone numbers and addresses of your Virginia personal injury lawyer in order to be able to contact and seek advice during those high times.  Undoubtedly, personal injury lawyers are the right persons to guide you and restore your losses suffered due to accident from the erring parties. injury 7

Though it is not possible on your part to by heart all the laws relating to car accidents or Virginia Traffic Laws; yet you need to be aware of a few most important and common laws from your driver’s manual.  Since drinking and driving violations are always on the rise, you should be aware of the VA Code 18.2-266 relating to driving motor vehicle while intoxicated.  Accordingly, you should try not to indulge in alcohol while driving your car.  Driving without license is prohibited anywhere in the country, hence you should be aware of the VA code 46.2-300 and the penalties contained therein.  You should not allow your underage children who do not own any driving license to drive on the road.  As an informed and intelligent driver, you should have accident insurance and always carry a proof of insurance to show whenever asked for.  Driving without insurance or with insufficient insurance may attract VA Code 46.2-706 and you may be fined for the violation.  Driving without Registration or with Expired Registration is also prohibited under the traffic laws; hence you should secure registration as per the VA Code 46.2-600.  For your own benefit, you should also be aware of other important common sections regarding Illegal U- turn, leaving the Scene of an Accident/Hit & Run, Mechanical Violations, Reckless Driving, Running a Red Light/Stop Sign, Seat Belt/Child Restraint Violations, Speeding, Unlawful Vehicle Modifications so on and so forth.  As already said, it is not possible for an ordinary person to be well conversant with all these laws and penalties for violations.

You need to remember that personal injury is a branch of law that deals with mental or physical injuries that are caused to a person by the negligence or harmful acts of someone else.  And you know personal injuries can be most often devastating to you and your family irrespective of the fact whether you are not at fault or it is the other party who are the culprits.  Today accidents are very common.  Hence, you need to act swiftly and vary cautiously as the time period immediately following your car accident is the most important time concerning your car accident claims.

As your Virginia personal injury lawyer or Virginia car accident lawyer happens to be your best guide and well-wisher, you need to inform them and seek advice relating to the accident.  Your Virginia car accident lawyer will listen to you very carefully and will be able to advise you accordingly.  He may ask you to inform the police authorities about the accident, who can sort out the situation and prepare a police report on that.  You should not forget to see the doctor even if the accident is a minor one as complications may arise after a few months.  Car accidents are unpleasant experiences.  It is possible to avoid a few of them by observing the traffic rules.  Instead of give in to much despair, it is wise to inform and entrust your case to the Virginia personal injury lawyer or Virginia car accident lawyer to stay calm as they are able to help you during such grave situation.


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