A Statistical Study On Road Accidents In Virginia

For quite some years, experimental psychologists have started experiments on the nature and limits of human multitasking.  In the course, it has been shown multitasking is not as workable as concentrated times.  Cognitive psychologist Art Markman says the human brain doesn’t really multitask.  But, despite the fact that human brain can only perform one task at a time; modern day texting generation does not seem to be fully convinced and ready to accept the fact.  There are also a lot of misconceptions between alcohol and the brain.  But, it is quite evident that people who have been drinking have trouble with their balance, judgement and coordination.  When people mix up drugs, drinking and driving, results are obviously more accidents, injuries and damages.  Give youngman dream bikes and speed cars; and see how records keep on tumbling.  But, other records too keep on going up.  Year after year Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has been presenting more and comprehensive reports on traffic crashes occurring in Virginia.  But, few seem to be learning any lesson from them; when we see the ever increasing numbers of accidents and injuries.

It is all the more important to consider the facts and figures when there are more than 7,706,795 registered vehicles in proportion to estimated population of 8,185,867 in 2012 in Virginia.  It is naturally a matter of great concern where 775 persons were killed, 67,004 persons were injured, and 123,579 traffic crashes reported in 2012 as per the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  There were 5,730,175 licensed drivers and 80,954 million estimated vehicles traveled in Virginia in 2012.  While there is a 6.53 percent decrease in number of persons killed due to alcohol related crashes, that is; 229 persons were killed in 2012; 5861 persons were injured in alcohol related crashes, a 7.25 percent increase from 2011.  It is a matter of great concern that 14 teenagers, aged 15-19, were also killed and 464 teenagers were injured in alcohol related crashes.

However, it is still the speed which kills and injures more people than any other reason.  As many as 313 persons were killed and 14,299 injured in speed related crashes in 2012.  Instead of showing maturity and caution, more and more male counterparts are showing recklessness in driving as evident from the facts that 57.33 percent of speeding drivers involved in crashes were male.  Another interesting fact is that 77.57 percent of speed related crashes occurred during the clear weather and 59.37 percent during daylight.  Hence, you cannot blame bad weather or any other reason for that matter.  As per the Virginia CODES Data 2011, beyond emergency or outpatient care, more than 4,000 people were hospitalized due to crash related injuries, staying over 27,900 days with charges of over $277 million.  It is important to note that death rates are almost 30 times higher when the occupants are not buckled or restrained and similarly, death is almost 10 times more likely when alcohol is involved in the crash.  And on average, drivers 65 years old and older spent more time in the hospital than those in other age groups involved in a crash at an average charge of $65,304.

As per the monthly crash data, accidents keep on occurring throughout the year and on average, 1 crash every 4.26 minutes, and 1 driver out of 2500 licensed drivers involved in a crash, 2.12 lives lost per day and 184 persons injured per day because of traffic crashes.  As per the data relating to speed and alcohol, drivers tend to exceed speed limits when they are under the influence of alcohol.  The findings by Virginia Tech Driving Institute on July 29, 2009 show that statistics of accidents by cars and truck users, distraction caused by dialing cell phone increases the risks of accident by 2.8 times and distraction caused by cell phone text messaging while driving increases the risk of accident driving incidents by 23.2 times in comparison to normal driving conditions.  If one follows few basic rules and learns to respect the life and property of the other person, accidents can greatly be reduced.   The cost of personal injuries every year runs into the billions of dollars and the need for people to get help is overwhelming.  Finding a good Virginia personal injury lawyer is vital to make sure that you are getting the best possible lawyer for your case.


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